History of the Guidelines

The Safer Space Guidelines were developed in 2014. They started as a crude list of a few bullet points, posted onto a number of online feminist groups and pages. All feedback was listened to and a more sophisticated and longer list was developed from the many ideas, challenges and suggestions that came back.

This list was taken to the Trans Safe Feminism meeting held in Nottingham on October 4th, 2014. 20 local feminists were present, and there was good representation from trans people, their supporters, local non-trans feminists and interested groups and organisations. The group worked together at the meeting, and afterwards via email, to hone the guidelines into their current form. The guidelines have room to evolve, and we welcome feedback.

At the next Trans Safe Feminism meeting on January 24th, 2015, it was decided that the guidelines are applicable more widely than simply in feminist spaces, although they will always retain their roots in intersectionality. We decided to use a “hub” approach for further work – instead of one group driving forward one initiative, we might as individuals more flexibly involve ourselves in positive works building bridges between our diverse communities.

Notts Trans Hub is intended to be a space to support all our endeavours.