Bulletin #23 January 2017

With some last minute words of support from Trans Space Notts about getting through the festive season, let us also be the first to wish you a all the best for 2017!

Coping with Christmas

For many trans people, this can be a challenging time. At the recent TSN support group meeting, members wrote down their best tips for getting through the holidays, and we made them into this slideshow. View transcript here

Note change of date!! Trans Space Notts (TSN) next meets 9th January, 7-9.

One week late because of the bank holiday. This funded group runs 7-9, 1st Monday of the month, further details here. All people who self-identify under the trans umbrella and those who support them are welcome.

Trans Meet Up, 17 January, 7-9

The informal trans meet-up/social is always 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Open to all trans people and Significant Others, Friends, Family and Allies (SOFFAs), meet upstairs at Broadway bar.

Nottingham Women’s Centre – New Trans Inclusion Policy

The centre have been welcoming trans women for 18 years now, however the policy needed an update to consider non-binary people and changes in language. They recently rolled out the new policy with supportive training to staff, so trans people should feel confidence in their approach to inclusion.

Notts Police Recruitment

“We are not yet fully representative and we are working to address this imbalance.  If you are from an under-represented group, we fully encourage you to consider joining our policing family.” Details here

Stonewall Survey

We do get a lot of surveys sent to us, but every little bit of research hopefully helps to understand our needs better. Here’s one for LGBT youth to complete

Oral history of psychiatric hospitals

If you have been an inpatient, please make sure trans stories are heard in this important research 

Chameleons New Website

This amazing group, which has been going for many years and is still going strong, has a new website which can be found here

Events, Services, and Much More . . .

Check out our local info  page for listings of trans and trans friendly groups and events, services and all sorts of useful stuff, from hairdressers to counsellors. Please let us know anything you would like added.

About Notts Trans Hub

Notts Trans Hub is a shared, non-profit resource for the full diversity of the trans community – if you want to be part of it, or promote your stuff, please get in touch

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