Draft Statement of Inclusion

Notts Trans Hub would like to start a consultation to have some common guidelines for our community around inclusion.

The reason for this is that minority needs can get drowned out by a  majority not affected by the issues involved. Thinking through how we include people from the start pre-empts difficulties, and having some guidelines helps everyone to learn and think through potential problems/access needs ahead of time.

The proposal: For Notts Trans Hub to adopt a short statement of inclusion, with additional links to best practice guidance relating to working with individual minority groups who may need a voice within our community.

We invite people to review the draft statement of inclusion, and share suggestions of best practice safer space guidelines. We may also form working groups to develop guidelines where none exist.

Draft Statement of Inclusion (for review)

Notts Trans Hub is committed to actively work towards safer spaces for the most vulnerable, marginalised and seldom heard members of our community. In addition to using the Safer Space Guidelines, there is an ongoing commitment to developing inclusive practices. This is to ensure  full participation from people who are, for example, disabled, black and minority ethnic, intersex, bisexual, asexual, lesbian and gay, neurodivergent, vulnerably housed, or vulnerable to discrimination based on employment, immigration status, marital status, age, religion, political belief, nationality, HIV status or other health issue. We also seek to be fully inclusive of everybody under the trans umbrella in its broadest definition.

Consultation and Accountability

Notts Trans Hub is committed to consulting with and being accountable to all parts of the community it serves. We aim to make decisions by consensus. This means we listen to minority views and take them into account. We want to promote discussion rather than simply going with a majority view that may ignore minority needs. We recognise that minority needs may differ from the majority, and that minority groups may be oppressed by the majority if their needs and views are not included.


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