Transgender Day of Remembrance Survey

This survey has been done by individuals within the community, to assist the organisers of the Nottingham City event. It is posted on Notts Trans Hub in order to be accessible for those who need it.

Key findings:

  • 24 trans respondents
  • 14 “would rather agencies outside the trans community did not organise TDoR”
  • Nearly half the respondents “would feel uncomfortable with official police presence/police logo on flyer”

TDoR Survey Results.

Survey wording:

This is a consultation for Notts’ trans community to share their views about the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR) event in Nottingham City only. It is solely for people under the trans umbrella to complete. There are 10 questions, with the opportunity to expand on your answers for each question, and at the end of the survey. It can take as little as five minutes to fill out.

Those involved with helping to organise the TDoR event in Nottingham have asked for this last minute consultation to happen as they have received feedback that important sections of our community would not feel able to participate due to police involvement.

This is not a police-led event. The event is currently under the jurisdiction of the City Council, with some support from LGB&T community members.

The decision has already been taken to remove the police logo from publicity. There will also now be no official police presence at the event, other than the need to police the event for safety reasons.

All are agreed that it is imperative that the communities most affected by TDoR should be engaged with this event and feel safe to participate. They are committed to cancelling if this cannot be achieved.

This survey is time-sensitive. It needs to be completed by 6pm on Thursday 12th November. We are aware that this is a difficult timescale, but if the event needs to be cancelled we need to know by then. Please continue to complete the survey after that time, as data can be used to inform next year’s events and this year’s if it runs.

Note: We will be taking minority viewpoints into account where they relate to safety, trauma, negative impact, oppression issues, or access, rather than simply going with a majority decision, however all views will inform the outcome.

Those involved are committed to ensuring TDoR events next year are done with more thorough consultation of the wider trans community and adherence to the Safer Space Guidelines.

Those involved are committed to remaining faithful to the original intent of TDoR.

About the survey

There were 24 trans respondents

I think the event in Nottingham City should be cancelled

Yes 0      No 20    Other 4

  • Not sure about the title ‘Day of Remembrance’ which clashes somewhat with the annual service of remembrance for the war dead
  • I’d defer to other people’s wishes on this
  • As a trans man, I wait to hear from trans women about what they would prefer.
  • The event should go ahead if there has been adequate consultation with specially effected community groups and the focus is on remembering the people who were murdered, not hijacked for other political reasons

I would rather agencies outside the trans community did not organise TDoR

Yes 14   No 8       Other 2

  • Fairly relaxed one way or the other
  • I would like the support of allies but trans people to be central
  • I feel that it is important that, if agencies outside the trans community do have a large hand in organising TDoR, that they fully understand all the issues here. Anything less would be horrendous. (non-trans respondent)

I would rather we did not have an organised TDoR event in Nottingham

Yes 0      No 21    Other 3

  • Not sure what it achieves
  • As a trans man, I wait to hear from trans women about what they would prefer.
  • TDoR is draining but important – mixed feelings

I would feel uncomfortable with official police presence/police logo on flyer

Yes 10   No 11    Other 3

  • People need to get over any resistance to the police presence; the police are and will be important to trans safety.
  • not personally; but that other people feel understandably uncomfortable makes me feel uncomfortable by proxy (as it were)
  • Yes – I would boycott the event

I would be happy for minimal discreet policing purely for the safety of participants

Yes 22   No 1       Other 1

  • Only if it is a condition of the event going ahead

I would prefer a safe space for a vigil to be available with no agencies involved

Yes 8      No 11    Other 5

  • Unrealistic. Trans people will be found in these agencies, and it is important to have the support for these agencies
  • Not sure what is meant by “Agency”
  • Uncommitted to this – not a “yes” or a “no”
  • I’m in two minds about this. Is it better to raise visibility of trans murders and have it somewhere public, or better to have a private gathering with press invited so they can report on it, or we take pictures and write an editorial ourselves, so it’s safe, private, and public.
  • I think it’s important to involve all agencies. This .Will help everyone moving forward

Further Comments

  • I’m not sure what this is intended to achieve. While it is important for trans people to be more visible, in order to reduce discrimination and violence, a ‘Day of Remembrance’ might well have a negative impact – appearing to be a challenge to mainstream society and perhaps even some kind of reproof. Quiet and dignified is what is needed. As to the objection to the police logo, I can’t understand this at all; the police will be an essential agency for the trans ‘community’ (I use the word somewhat cynically) if wider acceptance is to be achieved – assuming, of course, that trans people want to be accepted rather than being seen as yet another ‘victim’ group.
  • It’s a great event and should be supported as such for the many Trans people all across the UK
  • I wasn’t aware that there was a TDoR event in Nottingham (details redacted for anonymity)
  • (details redacted for anonymity) I really don’t want to see plans change now. If anyone does have a problem then they should stay away this year and these issues can be addressed for next year.
  • I was horrified that a cis man tried to set this one up. If anyone should set this up, it should preferably be a trans woman of colour. Failing that, a trans woman, or a respectful trans man or non-binary person. If there were no trans people in this town, I’d place money that no cis people would have been interested in the event.
  • Personally thought the event is timed too early. People are still fighting through traffic at the end of the working week to try and get into the city on a Friday evening and parked before 18:30pm
  • Trans women of colour and sex workers should be leading this event if at all possible

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